Today as I was circling around the building my eyes notice some things moving near the trash can. As I pulled up I noticed that the items were balloons and were actually in the can but their tops were moving in the wind.

There were many balloons moving, probably a bunch tied together. But the thing that got me thinking was seeing that one of them was in the shape of a football. So they were probably purchased to mark some big sporting event. They were probably given to honor a player or coach, maybe even used in a COVID safe way to mark a big accomplishment. Especially since we are not allowed here to have large gatherings.

Whatever the reason the balloons were given or how great they once looked as they marked a special time, now with their job done, they were just put in the trash. But they helped make memories for those involved who I hope enjoyed it all.

I started thinking how similar it is with our Christmas holiday. The decoration are so fresh and bright right now.

They are marking a wonderful holiday time that will help us all as we make memories together. Putting up the tree and lights, fixing the bulbs just so…all of it helps us to celebrate this holiday time.

And just like the balloons in the trash, when January arrives we will be putting these decorations away and they will not look as bright and shiny as they will have served their purpose.

And my thoughts run to the same line of thinking….I hope everyone involved enjoyed it all.

My daughter Elizabeth is 23 years old and has special needs. She has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Global Dyspraxia. Both disorders make day to day life hard work. But she has the most gentle demeanor and wonderful outlook on life. And she has taught us, as a family, so much! One of the things is about enjoying the little things in life.

Elizabeth has helped us forever recognize and cherish the big and little moments in life, with the holidays being right in there.

From the movies to the treats

From worshiping to listening to the holiday music.

From treasuring those whom you love and have with you to holding near to your heart the memories of those you don’t.

The chance to cherish a holiday time as best as one can would be just what Elizabeth would love to offer to everyone. It is what she teaches us.

When the decorations are being put away and they look tired like the balloons…you won’t wonder if you missed it all. Because you will know you did not.

Does it all have to be perfect to be good? Absolutely not. Just enjoyed as best as you can. Especially in a year that has brought so many stresses.

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Please wear a mask.

Michele Gianetti author of Elizabeth Believes in Herself

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