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So he sits down and begins dinner in one place.

I look over at him and he has moved.

He has fidgeted his way to the left edge of his chair.

I remind him to move back to where he started.

I look again and he has now moved forward in his seat so that he is SOOOO close to the table.

Again, I tell him to readjust.

He does— for a moment or two.

Sometimes, this is how dinner goes.


Because my son, Michael, fidgets.

He is the most wonderful little man around and he needs to move.

So when I was asked to try this


They certainly are fun, great times to be together.

And they certainly require a bit of work to prepare for.  Okay, a lot of work to prepare for.  

And anyone who has planned a trip with children knows what I mean.  (Do not forget their favorite toy to sleep with!)  It takes the skills of a pretty organized person to remember all the details.

But for those who have a child with special needs,

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