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Here’s a fun activity to do with your child of 5 years or more to practice handwriting casually! Use the Squiggle Wiggle Writer to draw funny shapes in black, pink, purple, green and blue. It’s heavy and it vibrates,¬†encouraging fine-motor control and awareness while creating hours of fun. It’s perfect for these little sensory seekers who need to learn handwriting like everybody else! Fun-proofed with Dominic, 11, who has autism ūüėČ

turn it onSquiggle Wiggle Writer - Special Needs Essentials

hold it like a pen

Squiggle Wiggle - Special Needs Essentials Squiggle Wiggle Writer - Special Needs Essentials

draw... Squiggle Wiggle Writer - Special Needs Essentials

…or writeSquiggle Wiggle Writer - Special Needs Essentials

change colorsSquiggle Wiggle Writer - Special Needs Essentials

turn it offSquiggle Wiggle Writer - Special Needs Essentials

Thanks to Cathy for fun-proofing this activity with Dominic!


Cathy and Dominic - Special Needs EssentialsHi everyone! Today Cathy from¬†Bountifulplate¬†shares with you her autistic son Dominic’s experience with flash cards! Cathy is a homemaker/wife and a mother to a 10-year old son with Autism and ADHD, an 18-year old daughter who is a college freshman and a stepson who is 30. Originally from Maryland, she has lived in the Midwest for 13 years.

When Special Needs Essentials sent us the “ready, set, abc,” flashcards as well as the “ready, set, 123,” flashcards for Dominic, I was so excited!¬† As a parent, I instantly loved the size and durability of the cards, as well as the sturdy boxes to hold them in. Wouldn’t these be awesome to tuck into your child’s backpack for a long car trip or plane ride? I know I will be doing that for our upcoming 10-hour car ride to Maryland!!! ¬†Dominic didn’t talk until he was over three and even though he will be 11 at the end of July, he is still behind his typically developing peers in speech. I plan on using both sets of flashcards in continuing to encourage Dominic to speak in complete sentences!!

Here are the flash cards used by Dominic:

ABC touch and feel flash cards - Special Needs Essentials 123 touch and feel flash cards - Special Needs Essentials

Flash Cards ABC - Specia lNeeds Essentials ready set 123 - Special Needs Essentials

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