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Here’s a fun activity to do with your child of 5 years or more to practice handwriting casually! Use the Squiggle Wiggle Writer to draw funny shapes in black, pink, purple, green and blue. It’s heavy and it vibrates, encouraging fine-motor control and awareness while creating hours of fun. It’s perfect for these little sensory seekers who need to learn handwriting like everybody else! Fun-proofed with Dominic, 11, who has autism 😉

turn it onSquiggle Wiggle Writer - Special Needs Essentials

hold it like a pen

Squiggle Wiggle - Special Needs Essentials Squiggle Wiggle Writer - Special Needs Essentials

draw... Squiggle Wiggle Writer - Special Needs Essentials

…or writeSquiggle Wiggle Writer - Special Needs Essentials

change colorsSquiggle Wiggle Writer - Special Needs Essentials

turn it offSquiggle Wiggle Writer - Special Needs Essentials

Thanks to Cathy for fun-proofing this activity with Dominic!

Back-to-school is a challenging time for all children. But children with special needs, especially those with non-verbal Autism may find it even more difficult to process all the feelings that come with this time of the year. They may feel anxious, over-excited or overwhelmed. And it would help to be able to communicate with their teachers or parents.

That’s why we brought this new Feelings Friend into our store, a stuffed animal who teaches facial vocabulary. At Special Needs Essentials, we sincerely want to help children communicate easily with special ed teachers and parents to get the best possible education!

Feelings FriendIt holds a bag with different shapes of eyebrow and mouths to velcro on its face. It also comes with a set of illustrated cards that explain each feeling. And… it is soft. Designed and developed in collaboration with child psychologists, this toy is a unique and powerful way to express feelings when the words just aren’t there!

Here is what Marie F. says: We love this cute little buddy! I ordered this for my Pre-Kindergarten class. We needed a friend that we could help through the trials and tribulations of being 4 and 5. The children chose the name Lucy for her and now she is officially a member of our class. The children even take turns tucking her in for naptime. A few of the children’s winter holiday lists ended up with “A Lucy Doll” on them. 🙂 This toy is well made and just the right size. Thank You!

F emotions friend - Special Needs Essentials

Edushape Feelings Friend Feeling Friends

As a reminder, all education supplies are on sale this month at Special Needs Essentials. Just shop in this section of the site before August 31 to get your 10% discount.

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