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Labor Day is coming up and you wonder what activity to do with your special-needs young adult? We have you all set up with these 5 tips to find a job.

The job market is tough enough, even without the challenges special needs young adults face. And though finding the right workplace is a process, there’s reason to persevere. Here are a few tips you can use when coaching your big kid one how to locate the best place to work and thrive, and find a comfortable path to independence.

Now Hiring - Special Needs Essentials1. Application:

Young adults with special needs need their relatives’ support in this transition to working-life independence. There’s definitely a reason why they say it takes a village! Your loved one will need help from you in articulating his or her strengths, challenges, and talents on applications, resumes, and possibly in-person interviews.

2. Appearance:

Personal appearance and good hygiene are important in the workplace. Be sure that in helping your loved one in the transition, you practice helping him or her understand how to take pride in appearance on a daily basis.

Blonde girl brushing teeth - Special Needs Essentials

3. Conflict:

Everyone who’s ever had a job knows that conflict comes with the territory, so learning how to handle it is crucial. Whether it’s a co-worker or a customer, it’s important to help your loved one become comfortable with possible conflict by role-playing possible scenarios.

4. Transport:

The challenges of work go beyond finding a job and keeping it: you also have to get to and from the job every day! While it’s always safe to take your loved one to and from work, it’s also paramount that he or she experience the independent benefits of public transport or driving. So finding a job near a bus stop or on a tram line, for instance, are great places to start.

Real life businesspeople shot on location - Special Needs Essentials

5. Career assessment:

While a post-grad special needs adult is still in school, it’s a good idea to have him or her visit their transition coordinator as often as necessary prior to graduation. A career assessment can help you navigate through opportunities like on-the-job learning experience, internships, and volunteering to help prepare for the working world. They can also help you pinpoint good supported employment: places with integrated work settings and support services to help a special needs adult maintain a great working life.

A job means more than making money: it’s a means to having a great quality of life. And that’s priceless.

For more advice, see your local Center for Independent Living.


Although a large spectrum of support exists for children with special needs, the offers tend to slim down for young adults and grown-ups. Unfortunately, many young adults are intimidated by the apparent closing of employment opportunities because of their condition. Some end up staying with their parents, unsure of how to move on after a successful education.

  1. Special businesses

Special Kneads and Treats - Special Needs EssentialFortunately, exceptional initiatives exist. Some businesses out there are truly dedicated to integrating persons with special needs in the workplace and in the society in general, such as Special Kneads and Treats bakery in Lawrenceville, GA, or the car wash Rising Tide in Florida. See our Facebook page for more related posts. Far from doing charity, those companies capitalize on the special skills of their employees, such as the need for repetitive tasks that makes autistic people excel in a car wash. At the bakery, employees with special needs are paired with other employees, so that they complete each other: as the person with special needs benefits from a comprehensive life skills training, the other learns from a unique mindset. More than a paycheck, those businesses offer a complete integration program. Don’t miss these opportunities!

  1. Other businesses

Initiatives are also taken more and more often in the rest of the workplace to integrate persons with special needs, as the law and mentalities change. Small businesses may be more welcoming, allowing workers to integrate in a human-scale team with little pressure for immediate results. They can teach basic professional skills to a young adult with special needs, such as punctuality, customer service and respect of the hierarchy, as well as skills related to the job.

  1. Now in practice!

Disabled young adult - Special Needs Essentials

Now, in practice, how do you proceed to help a young adult with special needs find a job? Stay aware of any exceptional initiatives taken in your area, through your favorite local media and support groups. Go to a job counselor, who may not be specialized in special needs employment, but will have a global view of the job market in your area and will give the right direction to your search. Most importantly, keep your child motivated to work hard for this project and not be discouraged by negative answers. Good luck!!!

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