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Mornings can be chaotic regardless of the circumstance. Between preparing schoolbags, making breakfast, actually getting through breakfast, packing lunches, walking the dogs, and trying to find your kid’s other shoe so you can leave the house already, morning mayhem is part of everyone’s routine! Being the parent of a special needs child adds an entirely different element of preparation to the day. But with a little planning, mornings could be a more seamless operation.Mother and daughter under blanket - Special Needs Essentials

1. Get Good Sleep

First and foremost, getting a good night’s sleep is paramount in shaping the next morning for success. It’s important to get on a consistent sleep-and-wake schedule, and stick to it. Try making your child’s room as dark as possible to help ensure a full night’s rest. Weighted blankets can help, too.

2. Develop A Ritual

Believe it or not, all children love rituals. But when your family has special needs, the discipline of a routine is essential. Make your mornings an orderly endeavor: do the same things in the same order every day, beginning when the alarm clock first rings. Time Timer clocks can help your child understand this routine better, in a visual way.

3. Promote Your Child’s Independence

Your child’s independence is the key, as it will save you more time for other tasks. Breakfast is an opportunity to help arm your child with more independence, which is achievable by using adapted tools at the table. Breakfast not only gives your kids the strength to face the day, but it also adds a great step to your daily ritual that your child can count on and even look forward to. Try these five products, all designed to promote your child’s independence in the morning.

1. Safety toothbrush

Safety toothbrush - Special Needs Essentials

2. Timer Timer

Time Timer with handle - Special Needs Essentials

3. Recessed lid cup

4. Non-sleep reel

5. Pencil grips (to use with silverware or toothbrush!)

Some companies out there are truly dedicated to making a difference in the special needs community. Each month, Special Needs Essentials partners with a non-profit whose efforts resonate with their own mission: enhance the quality of life for people with special needs, their families, and the professionals caring for them. They promote the heck out of them and donate a portion of all sales made through the website! To contribute to this project, just make a purchase through the website and a portion of your total will automatically be donated. It is that simple!

Special Needs Essentials - How We Give

In June 2015, the selected organization is Learning on the Log, a non-profit organization offering sensory-based, social skills programs for children with developmental and sensory issues since 2001. These programs include pre-school, after-school, weekend activities, summer camps and birthday parties accessible to children of all abilities. By providing a safe and nurturing environment to all children, they help them overcome their own limits and increase their self-esteem. For special needs kids too, summer is coming!


To apply for a partnership, contact Deborah at

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