Let me ask you a couple of questions.

Who is the happiest person you know? Do they get angry a lot?

What will you do the next time you feel yourself become angry?

I know!!! Those questions make you take a pause. They really make you think!

Those are questions that I got off of

game cards for Mad Dragon.

Mad Dragon is a fast-paced anger control card game for kids aged six years to 12 years old. It consists of therapeutic-like cards that come in four colors and is played just like Uno.

The gold cards are the “When I Control My Anger”…cards. They have questions just like the ones I mentioned in the beginning. 

The green cards  are the “Understanding Anger” cards. They have a directive on them like “Tell me a time you felt only a little angry.”.

Then there are red cards in the Mad Dragon card set. They are “Taming Your Anger” cards. These anger management cards offer suggestions on how to help you when you are upset. Like the “Take a time out” card, it tells you why stepping away from an angry situation is a good idea.

And last there are Blue cards, and these guys are the “Avoiding Anger”. They offer interesting perspectives to think about, like; “How can saying NO, keep you from getting angry?”

The Mad Dragon card game is played per the very easy directions.

It looks easy and fun, but let me tell you once you start playing the Mad Dragon card game, you will see just how beneficial these anger management cards are in acting as a therapy tool in controlling one’s emotions.

They offer good thinking questions and make you think hard about your answers. Sometimes, I can say, I have not thought about the “whys” for an action in a long time and then to have to express that? Well, that is a good challenge. I mean how many of us can give the answers to the first two questions above quickly and fully?

See! That is the gift and the challenge in this game.


I know for us, we have always talked to our children and especially Elizabeth, who has special needs, about emotions and feelings. Everyone can feel everything, but it is what you do with the emotions that make the difference.

I know that all of our talks about these feelings over the years has helped Elizabeth better understand and deal with all the emotions that a person encounters in this thing called life.

I have to say that if you see it as a game, it is fun. But if you use it as a learning tool, it is spot on. I can see how the Mad Dragon cards could be the start of some good conversations. And the thing is, this game would be beneficial to all of us, not just those who have special needs.

Productively dealing with feelings is good thing for all of us to be able to do. And the Mad Dragon card game does a great job of helping us do that with anger.

Take a look at our site for more information.

I wish you all a peaceful week and have fun if you decide to play Mad Dragon with your crew!

Michele Gianetti
Author of “I Believe In You: A Mother And Daughter’s Special Journey” & “Emily’s Sister”