As I  channel surfed yesterday, I stopped at one of my two favorite channels both involve items for sale 24 hours a day.  I am sure you know the channels. I know them both a bit too well and can answer the operator’s questions about my order well before she asks.

( Scary huh?)

Anyway, as I watched the channels it really came as no surprise that the focus was either workout equipment, items for your health or healthy foods for sale.  Because after all it was January 1st!



Never exercised before?  Now you resolve to go not 3 times a week!!! BUT everyday!!

Never let a green vegetable cross your lips?  Now you will each 5 servings EVERY day!!

Tough people in your life?  Now you can post these inspirational thoughts and read them EVERY day!

But do you have to make these?

Do they really serve us well?

And how long do the typical resolutions last?  I read an article last year that said most resolutions are typically forgotten by the end of January….but still the need to fix and adjust our life on January 1st persists!!

I fall squarely in the camp of those who chose not to make resolutions.  I was not always this person but having a special needs daughter, who is now 22 years old, has made me reside firmly in this camp.

I think it is because I have learned that changes occur so often during a year  and that many simply cannot be planned.

I think it is because even though I promise myself to be more patient in stressful times, the truth is I may drop that ball right away.

I think it is because I am so invested in her life and her special needs, that any changes and adjustments are done right when they are needed.

I think it is because this job of being mom to my globally dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder ( SPD ) child is so very challenging. To deny my emotions and try to 24/7 be positive, I would be denying the reality of my days.  Days that can run the gamete of emotions from fear to happy to sad to joy.

I think it is because, as you know,  being a parent/caregiver to a child with special needs requires balancing the lives of their siblings, spouses/significant others, jobs, friends and quite simply LIFE, and that quite simply put….has no blueprint.

We are doing the very best we can.


Given the worlds we live in.

So I resolve to not resolve, but to simply do my best. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti author of:

I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey

Emily’s Sister

Elizabeth Believes In Herself: The Special Journey Continues