1. Express your feelings

It is not so easy to express our feelings in this modern society where communication is digital and everything is thought to maximize efficiency. However, most children with special needs keep expressing their feelings with no reservation, and sometimes even without words. And that’s one of the many reasons they are so loveable. There is no shame in saying your fears, your frustrations, your gratitude, your love or all other feelings out loud. Just try to find the right words and follow their example!


2. Let it go

Caring for a person with special needs can be challenging. Sometimes they want to go out dressed up like superheroes, other times they want to eat breakfast for dinner, and you want to say it’s not appropriate but your only objective is to take good care of them. After all, why not? It’s their way to teach you that you cannot control everything. So when taking care of yourself as well, ask the question: “if it makes me happy, why not?”

3. Stay positive

Kids with special needs can have a hard time at school, at medical appointments and in so many aspects of life. But they are not always self-conscious and they manage somehow to keep their head up. When they smile at us, they are so inspiring. So if they can do it, how can we even think negatively? Be grateful for what you have and try to view all matters with your positive eyes. That is what they teach us.


Do you find these lessons to be true with your kids? Are you ready to learn from them? Leave a comment if you wish.