So he sits down and begins dinner in one place.

I look over at him and he has moved.

He has fidgeted his way to the left edge of his chair.

I remind him to move back to where he started.

I look again and he has now moved forward in his seat so that he is SOOOO close to the table.

Again, I tell him to readjust.

He does— for a moment or two.

Sometimes, this is how dinner goes.


Because my son, Michael, fidgets.

He is the most wonderful little man around and he needs to move.

So when I was asked to try this

Snake wrap.

The first thing I did was to offer it to Michael in the form of a lap weight:

+ To offer some pressure as a reminder to stay in one place

+ To give some pressure to help his system feel a bit calmer and thus sit a bit better.

He seemed to really like it.

These weighted tools are so nice because they can offer that bit of deep pressure that so many sensory seeking children crave and that helps offer some calming sensations to their systems.

Offering some deep pressure can result in an increase in focus as well.

There are varying ways to offer deep pressure:

+ There are specific sensory activities that you can do with your child

+ There are specific activities that you can do with the direction from an Occupational Therapist

+ There are everyday experiences that you can do with your child that offer deep pressure

And all of these have a place in a good sensory diet. And these weighted tools can have a place as well.

But something that makes me like the weighted snake wrap so well is that it’s easy to use, transport and offer to your child. I was thinking how nice to have this Snake wrap in the car and to offer it when traveling. It is so easy to have handy and also so easy to pack.

I offered it to Michael as a lap weight, but the second way to use it is as around the shoulders…like a wrap. This offers nice pressure to the person using it. And it is so soft. I did not think it felt too heavy or too light. Sort of like Goldilocks…it was just right.

The other thing that might be fun for some children is to put their hands in the pockets at either end of the snake, when it is around them, and bonus points … it can become a puppet. So the potential to have a bit of fun with it this way is there as well. Or if you are in my world, the user would make the snake tease his siblings!

In any event, I think this weighted snake wrap is easy and feels pretty good when in use.

And as summer vacations arrive, maybe this item or one like it from our site, might be a nice addition to the sensory items you plan to take on your trip. * Please read my previous blog for more vacation ideas!

So, with all that in mind, please take a look on our site for the Snake wrap. Maybe this will be the next addition to your sensory arsenal!

I wish everyone a peaceful week.