I love to watch Wimbledon.

I have loved this yearly event

I try to watch as much of this tennis tournament as  possible every year.  It has been a tradition for me since I was young.  Probably because I played tennis from when I was young through college.

The thing is, this tournament, is not only so much fun for me, it also sort of became a marker in summer.   It sort of highlights that we are at the halfway point of summer…already.

Well, Wimbledon has started so….. we are at that halfway point.

What does that mean to me?

Well as the mom to

a daughter with special needs, it means way more than just the typical emotions felt by others.

It means:

  • I ask myself how summer is going.
  • I ask myself what new things have I seen Elizabeth do.
  • I ask myself if her language/clarity of speech is improving and how.
  • I ask myself what things has she been struggling with.
  • I ask myself is she is accomplishing any IEP goals.

It means:

+ I take a moment to write down all the above.

+ I take a moment to reread the IEP goals to see what gains she made

+ I take a moment to assess if what we are doing so far is successful,

It means:

That all the things I asked myself and all the things I took a moment to do, come together to make a plan for the second part of summer.

Maybe that one skill you have been working on is mastered!   So I would write that down and refocus on another one.  Maybe a sound or new word can be heard clearly.  Write it down and perhaps, pick another sound to focus on.

Elizabeth now has a credit card ( $100.00 limit) that she is using when she needs anything. We are working on how to use the card, meaning being able to be focused in a crowded, maybe hot, loud store, how to put the card in correctly etc.  Because of her Sensory Processing Disorder ( SPD) and Dyspraxia, those skills require practice, planning and patience.

The goal that I am letting go of is of her independently ordering and paying for items.  She can do this well.  So onto the next goal…

We are focusing on the area of budgeting

For me, doing this mid summer check, helps keep the summer productive, keeps me focused on goals while still having “Summer Fun”  and helps me when it is time to organize our “Back to School” letter that goes to those who will be working with her that year.

So as I watch the “round of 16”  I will be enjoying some great tennis and prepping for Summer’s second half.

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti author of “I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey” and “Emily’s Sister”