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I can remember volunteering in Michael’s  kindergarten class as they were learning the alphabet.

They sang the  alphabet song.

They played some instruments as they sang the song.

The teacher wrote the letters on the board and the children would yell out which ones they were.

There is no question that they were learning well.  In the “big ” or capital form.

The harder concept is to learn their counterpart called the “small” letter or lower case.

These lowercase letters are challenging.  Probably because their shapes are so different.

I know they usually appear on the charts, next to their capital counterparts. But sometimes that is not enough for your child to learn them and their sounds well. That’s especially the case for a child with special needs. Read the rest of this entry »


I was talking to a new friend last week.  She was asking me some questions about Elizabeth because she has some strong feelings that her child has special needs.  She feels he may have Dyspraxia, like Elizabeth.

During our talk, she asked me about the difficulty we had teaching Elizabeth to use utensils to eat.  I told her that it was a struggle.

With Elizabeth’s special needs of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Dyspraxia, there were many layers to penetrate as we tried to teach this skill.  I told her I can remember how deftly she could feed herself with her fingers and how much harder it was for her to manipulate a spoon or fork.

This struggle would, of course, increase her anxiety and frustration.  And this would lead to many emotions.  None of which made the meal time the calm place we all wanted it to be. Read the rest of this entry »

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