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I was just having a conversation with a new friend who asked me about our experiences with the school system as Elizabeth was growing up.  I told her that it was a struggle to have them truly understand how Elizabeth worked, her true needs and then of course, the ability to adapt and modify as her needs changed and as she matured and grew.  Her special needs of sensory processing disorder ( SPD) and dyspraxia made it very challenging!

I continued to tell her about the need for strong advocacy and how because of it, the school did listen better and we did, for the most part, work as a team.  But the thing I did stress to my friend was the need to remember and make sure others remembered what the ‘I” in IEP really stands for.  I think so much of the time, it is easy to forget this. Read the rest of this entry »

Special Needs Essentials July Partner

Special Needs Essentials has partnered this month with KPS4Parents, a non-profit organization created in 2003 that advocates for free and appropriate public education for children of all abilities. They provide parent consultation and training services, educator professional development, public speaking, writing, and even help families overcome financial issues!

Girl watching plant growingEach month, the company selects a partner whose efforts resonate with their own mission: enhance the quality of life for people with special needs, their families, and the professionals caring for them. All purchases made through the store during that month automatically get a portion of their total donated to the partner. Marketing communications are released through the month to help the partner’s advocacy.

To apply for a partnership, contact Deborah at

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