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These favorite OT tools are fun and affordable! Plus, their endless use possibilities make them the perfect gift for kids of all ages and abilities.

10 ways to use sensory balls

  1. Use them as stress balls3219_2

Squish and squeeze them to feel a unique hand massage. Some of them even have additional features such as spikes or strands that multiply sensory possibilities.

> Promotes: Fine motor skills, Tactile input, Stress relief


  1. Play “Basketball”slomo balls

Toss them into the air to reach a target. Make it a competition and count points if you wish or let your child go their own path!

> Promotes: Gross motor skills, Concentration, Hand eye coordination


  1. Carnival Game

__1004527_previewBuild a simple board using cardboard or plastic cups, making openings of various sizes and scores. Ask your child to reach certain openings and make them count their own scores for an added math practice!

> Promotes: Hand eye coordination, Logic skills


  1. Group Playendushape balls 2

Throw a ball into the air and have playmates catch it for hours of fun.

> Promotes: Socialization, Gross motor skills, Hand eye coordination


  1. Group Play, Upside down

Same as above except you all lie down and pass it along with your feet!

> Promotes: Socialization, Balance


  1. Paint!

Use sensory balls as brushes to create an original painting activity with your child.56437_2

> Promotes: Fine motor skills, Creativity


  1. Decorate them

Give your child WASHABLE markers and ask them to decorate a ball as they wish, then wash it off and repeat indefinitely.

> Promotes: Fine motor skills, Creativity


  1. Use them as massagers

oddballsRoll sensory balls under your feet or on your back for a calming sensation!

> Promotes: Tactile input, Stress relief


  1. Play the equilibrist

Simply try to let a ball hold on your head, back or knee as long as possible or do this while walking along a path.

> Promotes: Balance


  1. Cup Crash

7809_1Build a pyramid with plastic cups and try to crash as many as possible at once!

> Promotes: Gross motor skills, Stress relief


Hi everyone! Today Cathy from Bountifulplate shares with us her very valuable review on “pound-a-ball” toys! Cathy is a homemaker/wife and a mother to a 10-year old son with Autism and ADHD, an 18-year old daughter who is a college freshman and a stepson who is 30. Originally from Maryland, she has lived in the Midwest for 13 years.

Cathy guest blogger

Cathy pound a ballNow that the holidays are winding down, it’s time to sort through the gifts that were received! Dominic got some awesome presents at Christmas, but one of his favorite toys from years gone by, is a “pound-a-ball” toy.  It was given to him by a friend whose two children had outgrown it. Lucky us, right? There are so many cool things about the toy that I don’t really mind the constant banging. 🙂

68064_1I love that this particular toy has strengthened his motor skills and aided him in matching his colors. He can now match the balls to the colors of the holes on the top of the toy! That is awesome, because he used to not be able to do that. Dominic watches very little television and instead prefers to play with his toys. 68627If you asked him right now what he thinks of the “pound-a-ball” toy, I guarantee his response back would be, “good!”

Cool!! As a busy mom, I love it when a toy will keep him occupied for more than five minutes!

Cathy B.

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