When Elizabeth was very young, I first heard the words, LOW TONE. Not really being sure what that meant, I 

added it to the list of things we would be working on. Upon further research, I learned that low tone, means a decrease in muscle strength. And these muscles that are affected can be any. Arms, legs and hands.

So we began our journey into the world of Occupational Therapy, or OT.

I can remember the first OT we had as she told me how hard it was for Elizabeth to hold a pencil or crayon as well as a fork or spoon. That scooping anything that required force would be a challenge to her.

So she gave us some things to do at home. Stirring a cake mix was one.

Using play dough was another.

The use of Theraputty ( see the product review for this item) was another.

We did the work, and it WAS challenging. But her hand strength got better.


But since Dyspraxia and SPD do not quit, we continue to work on hand strength and dexterity as new things or skills are still challenging.

We used some typical items for uses that were atypical. Because this was back in 1999-2000 that we first started OT. I wish we had the fun therapy tools that are available now, when we needed them.

I could so see how this item, called the Gel Spiral Pad, could have made the job of working her finger and wrist strength, way more fun!

This Pad is a just that, a sensory solution. Two layers of plastic filled with colored gel. The pad has a maze in it as well as a marble or two. The goal is to use your finger(s) to navigate the marble through the maze on the pad teaching anticipation and assisting in dexterity. 

This sensory gel pad is fun! Plain and simple.

But it is work too.

It requires you to focus where the marble is, where you want it to go and you have to push as well as look where it is going. So it helps strengthen hand-eye coordination, tactile development and finger muscles. 

The maze narrows as you go into the middle of it, so it gets a bit more challenging as you near the end of the maze.

This therapy tool would have been a very beneficial to have in the early days and here’s something else-

It works as a sensory toy as well when you just play with the gel minus trying to move the marble. Or it could be a fidget aid allowing movement while focusing or just as a weighted lap pad.

Needless to say, Michael had fun with it and as a matter of fact so did two of his friends who happened to be over our house on the day when I first brought the sensory pad out.

So there were three, 11 year olds playing with the gel pad and loving it.

I would say that it is important to read the information that comes with the pad as it tells you how to make sure the pad is not used in a way that it could be punctured and leak. And it is a heavy guy. So be prepared as it is heavier than it looks!

I found myself talking on the phone and swirling my hands around and around the maze, moving the gel around. So, maybe I can use it as my fidget!!

In any event, take a look at them on our site. There are different colors to pick from.

I wish everyone a peaceful week.