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There are so many things that we have worked on for Elizabeth on her life’s journey. Some of them have been easier than others to succeed in and some remain in that often referred to list called “we are working on it.”   Probably one of the biggest things on that list is now, and will probably always be, COMMUNICATION.

With Elizabeth’ special needs of global dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder ( SPD), for her, learning to speak was a lot of work.  It involved years of speech therapy, work at home as well as the use of other things that further communication. By this I mean emotion charts that would allow a young Elizabeth to point at what she was feeling instead of struggling to articulate her feelings.  To this day, Elizabeth still struggles with some misarticulations that she can self-correct but does not always do because she is enjoying a conversation or excited to tell you something.   Again, we are working on it. Read the rest of this entry »


I just handed Elizabeth a cold towel to hold on her eyes.  Not because she had a headache but because she has some serious allergies going on this season.  She has already taken the allowed amount of antihistamine.

I know there are drops she can use or nasal sprays that can help….but I know my child and a cold cloth will help and be something that she is fine using.  Her SPD (sensory processing disorder) makes using the other forms doable but challenging.  So unless there is a true medical need, less sensory offensive options are what we usually choose.

Part of the journey with a child who has special needs is knowing them.  From who they are, to what they like and do not like and more.  And it is learning to advocate for them and help the world to know them too.

The other part of knowing your special need child is to be able to offer them the supports they need during their days.  It is being able to know what, when and how they need them.   I know Elizabeth needed a sensory break today.  So she decided to head to her room to put on some calming music while having some dim lights on.

So when I look at sensory items, I know that each child has differing needs and supports.  If your child has a need for noise cancelling headphones to help diminish loud sound,  please know there are many options but the one I want to tell you about is called the BanZ, earBanz.

They will do the job of softening the sounds that your child hears but will allow in other noises.  So they will still hear things you say but not find their systems upset by the overly loud sounds that unprotected ears will hear.

Michael and Emily tried these on and found them really comfortable on their ears.  They could still hear me talk to them which was nice.  Michael especially liked them.  The age range for use says two years to 11, but they are really recommended for two years and up.  Michael is 12 and Emily 23. There are also earBanZ available for infants!

I think that for starters they look fun, with a great multi-color design that has pink, blue, yellow and white triangles on it aka the.  The brightness makes them look cute while in use. You can click around on our site to see the other colors available.

I know there are many times that these could be used for your special needs child.  Maybe if your neighbor is cutting the grass and the mower is too loud, or if your child is at a sporting event and the announcer or crowd is too much for them.  The noise cancelling Banz would work wonderfully at the movies when there is a great deal of loud sounds!

Again it is knowing your child and their needs that can make you see other uses for these headphones.

But for those without special needs they can be of great use as well.

The earBAnZ are nice and small and will fit nicely in a sensory bag to travel as well as a backpack or purse.

So if these sound like something you might wish to look at, please take a look at our site and read all the great information that we have there.  There is information on the safety rating system as well as how to’s for care.

Elizabeth is now happily eating dinner and told me she will use the cold cloth later if her eyes itch.

It is all about knowing your child and their needs.

I wish everyone a good week.

Michele Gianetti

author of “I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey” and “Emily’s Sister”


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