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I was driving Elizabeth to college the other day.

She heads there four days a week for her college program for special needs, so we travel a lot together.  We use the time to talk; to review things that went on during the week so far, sing to the music she picks and pretty much just spending some nice time together and while I don’t always love the driving part of the experience, I really love the one on one time we get.

So as we are headed out one day last week, I heard the familiar sound of Read the rest of this entry »


I think by the title you might think I am asking about your new year’s resolution or about how that new fitness plan is working out for you.  But in truth, I am asking about the new year related to your child and their school experience.

You know in the retail world they live by their own calendar:  They think about Summer in Winter, Christmas in July and Easter sometime in February.

Well those of us who have a child with special needs know that the school calendar for us runs a bit differently than  for those who have typically developing children.  For us, this time of year represents near to the end of the year.  Why? because IEP time is fast approaching and this means that the school and you will be looking at all successes and goals and evaluating them with  eyes that are not on the remainder of THIS year, but are looking at  NEXT year.  With conference night being the last official time that you will get the eyes and ears of the school staff focused on your child and their needs without you having to call a meeting.  Or at least until the official IEP meeting time.

So I ask…How is the year going? Read the rest of this entry »

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